Shed Site Preparation

As you prepare to add a portable building to your property, it’s essential that you know what to expect. Whether you’re considering a Cabin, Cottage, Garage, or Mini-barn, your shed site preparation is critical.

Whichever method of shed site preparation you decide on, the finished product should be as level as possible to ensure the longevity and integrity of your building.

Free Site Evaluation: That’s Part of “The Difference”

When you choose one of our EZ Portable Buildings, you can receive a free site evaluation. That’s the Classic Difference. It’s another reason why our customers are not only fans but they’re raving fans.

What our Free Site Evaluation Includes:

An EZ Portable Building Specialist Will Visit Your Site to Assist You In Determining the Best Location

One of our specially trained EZ Portable Building Specialist will come to your home or site that you have chosen to locate your new EZ Portable Building to inspect the site at the time of order.  This should be done before it is delivered or constructed. We will help you determine and envision the best spot for your building and make sure that there is enough room to bring it safely into your designated location. They will make sure that your storage shed is set in a spot that doesn’t cause problems such as having the door too high off the ground for easy access in and out.

Delivery Options

In addition to how you will level and prep the location for your new structure, you’ll need to decide how you want your shed to be delivered – pre-built or to be constructed on site. This decision will rely heavily upon your access. Do you have the space to receive a building that is already fully constructed? If not, no worries—we have you covered!


Most of our buildings are delivered pre-built.  In a Pre-Built, our delivery experts carefully place your structure onto your prepared site. At EZ Portable Buildings, we have the unique ability to set wheels under your pre-built building for better maneuverability. Our state-of-the-art “mule” prevents damage to grass and property and can move about easily in tight spaces. After leveling the doors and adding any optional features you’ve requested, our pros make a final inspection to ensure your new structure is level, sturdy, and ready for use.

Enjoy Worry-Free Delivery

EZ Portable Building offers you free delivery within 50 miles of any of our locations, or free delivery if you are within 250 miles of our plant.  We also guarantee that your delivery will be worry and hassle-free. What sets EZ Portable Building deliveries apart from the competition is our equipment, expertise, and experience.

“The Mule” Will Precisely and Gently Place Your New Portable Building into Even the Tightest of Spaces

EZ Portable Building is proud to present the latest in portable delivery equipment.  We use what is affectionately known as “The Mule.” “The Mule” has an incredibly tight turning radius and the ability to lower your building extremely close to the ground for easy clearance. This means that we can expertly maneuver your new building into even the tightest of spots. In addition, “The Mule” is equipped with exceptionally wide flotation tires that gently glide across your lawn, protecting your delicate grass beneath.

Our Highly Trained Installation Technicians Will Safely Install Your New Portable Building

Don’t worry about damage to your backyard. Our experienced and conscientious staff knows how to safely deliver your new portable building with minimal to no disruption to your property. All of our drivers are highly trained and experienced in delivering and placing your building in its precise, intended location. They will also expertly secure and level your building, so once they leave you won’t have to do anything but enjoy your new storage shed, garage, cottage, playhouse, tiny house or custom-designed portable building.

Our Self-Contained Delivery Trucks Are Uniquely Designed for Hassle-Free Installations

All of EZ Portable Buildings’ delivery trucks have been uniquely designed to facilitate a seamless and worry-free delivery. They are self-contained which means that they are equipped with all of the specific tools and equipment required to give you a hassle-free installation. They are all fully stocked with the necessary concrete blocks and pressure treated shims required to ensure the precise leveling of your new storage shed.

Problem Spots Are Not a Problem for the EZ Portable Building Experts

Think there might be a problem getting your new shed into your backyard? Contact us and one of our delivery specialists will work with you to find a solution.

At EZ Portable Building – We Build It, Then We Deliver It and We Install It


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